City Walk: Leverkusen

Newcomers search for traces and places in Leverkusen

Meeting Points:
Station Leverkusen Mitte, Station Opladen, Opladen Villa Römer and Schlebusch Villa Wuppermann
Duration: City Walk 2 hours  Bike Tour 3 hours


Wiesdorf: Ellen Lorentz


Recently moved to Leverkusen for professional or private reasons? Want to learn more about your new hometown? Then you have come to the right place!

Leverkusen includes three main districts: Wiesdorf, Schlebusch and Opladen. During three walks, you will get to know these areas, learn about their history and become acquainted with useful places such as local authorities. You will also discover recreational and leisure options like sports facilities, museums, and numerous other destinations worth visiting.



The urban development of Wiesdorf is inextricably linked with the industrial settlement of the Bayer Corporation. On this tour, you will see the largest heritage site in North Rhine-Westphalia: The “Kolonien”, the long-standing housing estates hosting employees and their families. You will also learn how a toxic landfill was transformed in the popular recreational landscape called „Neulandpark“. The path back will lead through the old town area with cozy pubs, bars, and cabarets.

Meeting Point:
Station Leverkusen Mitte (in Wiesdorf), Back Exit, Corner Havensteinstr./F.-F. Runge-Str.
51373 Leverkusen


Bike Tour: Living in Leverkusen, a constantly changing industrial city

On this bike tour you get to know Opladen, Manfort and Wiesdorf the three main districts in Leverkusen, which offer both space for living and working. The trip will guide you on selected bike paths through mostly calmed areas. Here you will learn about the evolution and the ongoing social interaction between industrial and residential areas via the “Bahnstadt” Opladen, the “Innovationspark” in Manfort and the “Kolonien” of Bayer AG. This tour is perfect not only for newcomers but also for our long-established residents, as in addition to learning about the exciting social and economic history, you will also experience bike paths that may provide a new route to work or to your favorite leisure destinations.

Meeting Point: Wupsi Bike Rental Station (in Opladen), Bahnhofstr. 17, 51379 Leverkusen